Working with Morpholio Projects - A Suite of Apps for Creatives

Posted: Sep 18 2014

Council is excited to announce that we are featuring pieces from our collection on The Morpholio Project's newest Mood Board app - "Morpholio Board"! 

Morpholio is a unique group of applications working to reinvent the creative process for designers, artists and photographers. 

Morpholio's apps have been recognized on numerous "Best Apps" lists as well as featured in FastComany, USA Today, ABC News, ArchDaily, Metropolis Magazine, Resource Magazine, Dwell and more.

The project has an Advisory Council and a selection of Elite Members made up of notable design professionals and artists from various disciplines across the globe. It draws representation from a wide range of studios, and universities worldwide including both students and professors from Columbia, Harvard, London's Architectural Association, MIT, Princeton, and the School of Visual Arts. Morpholio also collaborates with numerous institutions such as the AIGA, AIAS, ADC, ICP, IIDA and the APA.


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